Acidic (Silica) Ramming Mass

We, Jenrad Corporation (Pty) Ltd are into the distribution and supply of Acidic Ramming mass. By sourcing the highest-grade ramming mass from India, we work on the principle of ensuring our clients generate much higher patching life and heats for their steel furnaces/steel melt shops from our products.

Various Grades

Acidic Ramming Mass Premixed with 1.2% Boric Acid

We are supplying this grade of Ramming mass which is manufactured using Grade A Quartz Lumps from India. It has optimum performance at high temperatures. Many steel industries prefer to use this ready to use material to save labor costs and time used in mixing Boric Acid in every patching. The product includes 12kgs per ton Boric Acid premixed within the Ramming Mass. At the manufacturing facility correct quantity of Boric is properly mixed in a mixer as per customer’s needs depending on the furnace type/size, to help industries achieve maximum no. of heats

Acidic Ramming Mass Non-Premix

We are also supplying Ramming Mass without Boric Acid. Non- Premix grade is made using Grade A Quartz Lumps being same as the one used for Premixed RM. Boric Acid is NOT mixed for this grade. By sourcing high quality grades of Ramming Mass, we ensure steel industries generate higher patching life which in turn helps reduce energy consumption and time of steel plants.


Nalitop Grade is used at the Top area of the furnace.

Our USP... Sourcing from large production facilities to cater high demands, Products lab tested before consignment dispatch, Products customized to furnace needs/sizes, Competitive pricing for our valued clients.

Do we serve your Furnace type?

Here are a couple of furnace types where acidic ramming mass is used for furnace lining…

What furnace size do we cater to?

Our products are capable of being used for the lining of furnaces (melting MS Steel), starting from 5-ton furnaces and any size above.

Product Salient Features

Our Packaging Standards

Packaging of Premix grade acidic ramming mass is done within 50KG PP Bags with inner plastic liner which helps in moisture proofing. 20 bags being 50kg each are further packed within 1ton Jumbo Bags with handles.

Packaging of Non-Premix grade and Nalitop is done within 50KG PP Bags, these bags do not include inner plastic liner since there is no boric acid added within the product. 20 bags being 50kg each are further packed within 1ton Jumbo Bags with handles.


Material Size Percentage
2mm to 5mm
52-57% approx.
C Powder
0.06mm to 2mm
28-23% approx.
D Powder
0.06mm and below
20% approx.
Test Parameter Unit Results
Iron as Fe2O3
Silica as Si02
Bulk Density
Melting Point

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