Championing Sustainable Solutions: Our Circular Recycling Initiative


At Jenrad Corporation (Pty) Ltd, we have evolved beyond being just FMCG & Procurement Specialists. With a legacy rooted in exporting and importing high-quality products since July 2004, we’ve now embarked on a mission to drive positive change for our planet.

Pioneering a Greener Path

Over the last two years, we have ventured into the realm of circular recycling, waste reduction, and resource conservation. This journey was born from our passion to safeguard the Earth for generations to come. Our experienced team, comprised of experts in Logistics, Warehouse Management, Finance, and Marketing, has united their skills to redefine our purpose.

Sourcing for a Sustainable Future

Our focus has shifted towards sourcing materials with a purpose: to fuel the cycle of recycling and renewal. By collaborating with recycling companies and visionary clients, we’re not only providing them with valuable resources but also contributing to the vital cause of environmental preservation.

Driving the Change Together

At Jenrad Corporation, sustainability is no longer a choice; it’s an inherent part of our identity. We are proud to play a pivotal role in diverting materials from landfills, minimizing waste, and championing the principles of a circular economy.

Our Eco-Recycling Initiatives

Old Corrugated Carton Recycling

Revitalizing used corrugated cartons, giving them a second life as recycled paper products, minimizing waste and conserving forests.


Aluminium UBC Recycling

Transforming discarded aluminium used beverage cans (UBCs) into a valuable resource through advanced recycling processes, reducing energy consumption and promoting sustainability.


Steel UBC Recycling

Converting steel used beverage cans (UBCs) into reusable steel, contributing to resource conservation and reducing the environmental impact of steel production.

Carbon Filters Recycling

Reclaiming valuable materials from used carbon filters, promoting eco-friendly practices and reducing the need for raw material extraction.

Clothing Scrap Recycling

Breathing new life into discarded clothing scraps by recycling them into new textiles, reducing textile waste and promoting a circular fashion industry.

Aluminium Scrap Recycling

Collecting and recycling various forms of aluminium scrap, conserving resources and minimizing the need for new aluminium production.

Automotive Plastics Recycling

Harnessing recycling technology to repurpose automotive plastics, diverting them from landfills and supporting a more sustainable automotive industry.

Copper Recycling

Sustainably recycling copper materials to reduce the demand for mining, minimize waste, and conserve this valuable metal.

Stainless Steel Recycling

Promoting the circular use of stainless steel by collecting and recycling stainless steel items, contributing to a more sustainable metal industry.

Lead Recycling

Responsibly recycling lead materials, preventing environmental contamination and supporting the responsible use of this element.

E-Waste Recycling

Tackling the growing issue of electronic waste by recycling e-waste components, reclaiming valuable resources and reducing electronic waste pollution.

Tungsten Carbide Recycling

Recovering tungsten carbide from various sources, conserving this high-performance material and promoting its sustainable use.

Join us in this journey of transformation and impact.
Together, let's create a world where resources are cherished, waste is minimized, and the planet thrives.

Interested in our recycling Initiatives?

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