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"Money saved is money to the bottom line"

Procurement has always been a Cinderella function neglected by companies. With the current economic environment surrounding businesses, Procurement has become a necessity and not just an alternative in managing the corporate spend. Traditionally, companies exert huge efforts to control and manage their labour costs with the belief that in doing so, they will be able to earn more savings. However, focusing on labour costs doesn’t mark great changes to the annual expenditure of the company.

In a typical business, the value of goods purchased ranges from 50-80% of the total operating costs.

It is actually by looking at a business’ purchased items where one can generate real savings. In a typical business, the value of goods purchased ranges from 50-80% of the total operating costs. Inclusive of the items purchased are the design, delivery performance, and quality level. This signifies that what is being purchased is not the actual item but the costs involved in its production and distribution. To be able to accelerate bottom line results, businesses must first understand the function of procurement. Procurement is not just about funding suppliers, taking delivery and paying. Procurement is a strategic approach that requires companies to evaluate their spend, determine their non-core activities and how the expenses in these activities impact to their annual expenditure. Through this, they could decide the resources to be deployed to acquire optimum value and generate savings for the company.

Take a look at your procurement process

By having a good look at the entire procurement process, a door of opportunities opens to businesses. They could avoid risks in terms of supply assurance, legal exposure, commercial issues, intellectual property protection, and fiscal matters; enhance sourcing and cost efficiencies; and establish better supplier relationships.

Global Procurement Solutions and Services from Jenrad

In a competitive market, efficiency is the only edge for survival

A company comprised of a dynamic team inclusive of our partners that are collectively equipped with expertise and experience, Jenrad offers products and services that enable efficient and effective procurement through the use of professional services, infrastructure and technology. Our complete understanding of spend areas across the enterprise help our customers accelerate their procurement programs and create a significant difference in their bottom line.

Our Advantage

With the rising demand for end to end BPO-Procurement services, Jenrad Corporation is confident to execute good performance in its field through its exceptional qualities maintained through the years.

  • Expertise
  • Integrity
  • Scalability
  • Cost Advantage

Building a Brand in Procurement Outsourcing Services Being a pioneer in the end-to-end procurement services, Jenrad Corporation never stops in introducing solutions suited to the demands and needs of our customers. It makes use of its resources and advantages for the benefit of its clients. As a fully-integrated product and services procurement company in South Africa, Jenrad Corporation consistently excels in its field through the benefits of its location. South Africa. It has a high literacy rate, convenient time zone and competitive labour costs perfect for procurement.. At present, the company is focused on working with top multi-national companies. It has been a preferred offshore partner of several Multi-National companies in Australia, West Africa, the Sadec Region and Europe.

As leaders in the product development, supply chain management, market intelligence and procurement industry, we’re passionate advocates of building strong relationships with external providers as a means of improving business performance, gaining competitive advantage and ensuring a greater degree of long-term sustainability. These drivers have led us to carefully select a range of best-in-class partners to increase the scope and effectiveness of the services we deliver for our clients.

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